Executive Agencies Rule-Making Report

(Please do NOT file this report if your agency’s active rules, guidelines and or policies do not have federal counterparts)

Due to the passage of SB 619, Regulatory Reform Act, during the 2016 Regular Session, each agency is required to review and evaluate all active state rules, guidelines, policies and recommendations under their jurisdiction that have similar federal regulations, guidelines and or policies.

Pursuant to §29A-3-20, each agency is required to submit a report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance and the Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee on or before November 1, 2017. The Joint Committee on Government and Finance and the Rule-Making Review Committee have created this online database to streamline the process. Each agency must register an account. Once the account is created and approved, that agency will be able to login with their username and password to file the report. Please click (here) to register.

Note: Agencies must file a report for each active rule, guideline and or policy that has a federal counterpart.